Special offer for 2015

At BitAwareAustralia we’re conscious of how busy you are as owners and managers of businesses. We appreciate you taking time from your schedule to investigate Bitcoin as a payment option and understand what many of you have been telling us: “I like the idea but I don’t have time to set up Bitcoin payments right now.”

To further lower the barrier to entry, we’re offering free hire of a Bitcoin payment terminal! The terminal is fast, easy-to-use, handheld and will remit dollars straight into your bank account. Customers will be pleased to pay in Bitcoin and you will be pleased with how painless the experience is.

Bitcoin payment terminals available for free hire:


You need only provide electricity, and a Wifi internet connection or 3G SIM card. If you have no internet connection we can provide a 3G SIM card for $5 per month.

We’re confident that this offer will provide the impetus you need to finally make the step into growing your business with Bitcoin. So please contact us today to arrange your free Bitcoin payment terminal.

Terms and conditions apply. If we have contacted you by mail about a similar promotion to take place in October, please be aware that the mailed promotion does not require you to pay for an internet connection.