BitAwareAustralia is an unregistered non-profit organisation in Perth, Western Australia; it is run by Bitcoin enthusiasts and first started operations in 2014.

BitAwareAustralia’s primary mission is to encourage the adoption of Bitcoin amongst individuals and merchants in Australia. Bitcoin has already become popular amongst libertarians, finance and tech enthusiasts, and people who oppose fiat currency. BitAwareAustralia will make no attempt to advocate for Bitcoin to these subsets of society – these are already Bitcoin’s strongest supporters. Instead, BitAwareAustralia will raise awareness of Bitcoin to the general public and to groups of people who are most likely to be receptive.

BitAwareAustralia made an appearance at the Cockburn Spring Fair in 2014, where we educated the general public about Bitcoin and gave out small amounts of bitcoin to spark interest. Earlier this year we ran stalls at the Wanneroo Swapmarket and Belmont Rotamarket to gauge public interest in Bitcoin.

Apart from general public advocacy, BitAwareAustralia also offers information and support to businesses looking to adopt Bitcoin or accept Bitcoin as a payment method.

BitAwareAustralia’s next major project will be an ambitious WA tourism project involving Bitcoin. More details will be available closer to launch time.

Currently, BitAwareAustralia only operates in its hometown of Perth. This is due solely to the geographical location of its founding members, but donations are welcomed from interstate and overseas.

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